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C-SIGMA Workshop VII
19-20 April 2017
EMSA, Lisbon, Portugal


C-SIGMA VII - Final Agenda:

0900WelcomeGuy Thomas
0905EMSA WelcomeLeendert Bal, Director
Director of Operations, EMSA
0915Law Enforcement using
Geospatial Information
Brief (pptx)
Tony Crowder, CBP, Director
US Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC)
0940EMSA: Developing data
and data fusion capabilities
Brief (pptx)
Leendert Bal, Samuel Djavidnia
1045Frontex: Near-Real-Time monitoring activities:
Today and Tomorrow
Brief (pptx)
Dirk Vande Ryse
Director of Situation Awareness Centre, FRONTEX
1110ESA activities and plans in satellite based maritime surveillance
Brief (pdf)
Gordon Campbell
Earth Observation Division
European Space Agency
1135ZERO LATENCY Satellite Data Delivery:
Demand and Challenges
Brief (pptx)
Olga Gershenzon,
Co-Founder & CSO,
RBC Signals
1300Canadian Defence Space Based MDA
Brief1 (pptx)
Brief2 (pptx)
LCOL Mark Roberts
Chief ISR Projects, Director General Space, Royal canadian Air Force
1325Canadian Approaches to Maritime Domain Awareness
Brief1 (pptx)
Brief2 (ppt)
LCdr Greg Gillis, and Mr. Scott Syms,
Royal Canadian Navy
1350Benefits of Persistent Global
Real Time Vessel Tracking
Brief1 (ppt)
Brief2 (zip)
Simon Chesworth
1405S-AIS and MoreKevin Lyons
Spire Global
1430Satellite AIS reaches Maturity
Brief (pptx)
George Best
1530Prediction and Anomaly Detection using AISEric Meger
1550Networking New Capabilities of Unmanned Aircraft and Small Sats to Improve MDADr. Phil McGillivary, USCG (absent)
Dr. João Borges de Sousa, Univ. of Portugal
1615Unprecedented Global Daily Coverage via Planet
Brief (pdf)
Nunca Vilaca
1635Tour of EMSA
0830The EU Copernicus Programme: Security Applications – from Research to Operations
Brief (mov)
Rui Menese
European Commission
0855Bulk processing of Sentinel-1 data for ship detection
Brief (pptx)
Harm Greidanus,
EC JRC, Ispra
0915NovaSAR: Changing the economics of satellite SAR for the maritime domainLuis Gomes, Project Leader, NovaSAR-S,
Surrey Satellite Technology, LTD
1020Near Real Time Applications for Maritime Situational AwarenessEgbert Schwartz
Team Lead
Remote Sensing Data Center
1025Advances in NRT Small Vessel Detection to counter Piracy, Migration, Terrorism & IUUWayne Hoyle
MacDonald Dettweller and Associates
1050RESTEC activities for maritime awarenessKazushi Motomura
RESTEC (Resseller for JAXA)
1110The Next Generation of Space-Based MDA Russ Matijevich
Hawkeye 360
1140The Unique Portfolio of
UrthCAST/Deimos Imaging:
Present & Future
Fabrizio Pirondini
CEO Deimos
1300SEonSE -
A powerful MDA tool by e-GEOS
Carlos Morucci
1335Satellite technology in support of CG ops
Brief (pptx)
Ricardo Maia
Critical Software
1350ICEYE Phase 1 Constellation 2017-2018i
Brief (pdf)
Pekka Laurila
Co-Founder ICEYE
1415Current capabilities and future potential for satellite based vessel detection
Brief (pptx)
Andreas Hay Kaljord
Kongsberg Satellite Service
1440Status of Japanese MDA
Brief (pdf)
Takeshi Mizunari
JCG (retired)
1535Using rideshare small satellites for affordable, Scalable MDA
Brief (pdf)
Pierre-Damien Vaujour
1600VDE-SAT – A new maritime communications system
Brief (pptx)
Dr. Torkild Eriksen
1625We have the best data in town!Carsten Bullemer
CEO Maritime Data Services
1650Considerations on the Increasing Use of Space for MDA/MSAKrystal Wilson
Secure World Foundation
1745Wrap-upGuy Thomas