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C-SIGMA Workshop VII
19-20 April 2017
EMSA, Lisbon, Portugal


19 April 2017

Seniors and Colleagues,

Welcome to C-SIGMA VII, the 11th International conference* on “Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness”. We are very fortunate to be hosted by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) as it is the premier location for Maritime Situational Awareness from unclassified space.

As many of you know, this conference comes as twin virtual tidal waves of new capabilities, both in space and in the cyber world, come into focus on the horizon with new satellites and processing systems being announced seemingly every week. This provides a unique opportunity and we must seize it. See for a great discussion on this subject.

Building on the success of the previous events hosted by the a number of organizations, with the last six held by ESA, Frascati, Italy, Canada (DC Embassy) , NATO’s CMRE, La Spezia, Italy, Irish National Space Centre (NSC), Cork Co. Ireland, JAXA & JCG, Tokyo, and INMARSAT HQ, London, this conference will focus on how this explosion in technology is being used or, even more importantly, how it could be used, to assist the world address its challenges in the security and safety worlds as well as those in protecting the environment and resources of the maritime domain, subjects which are moving more and more to the front.

We intend to post these briefs as soon as possible on

Guy Thomas