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C-SIGMA Workshop VII
19-20 April 2017
EMSA, Lisbon, Portugal


European Maritime Safety Agency
Lisbon, Portugal


To ensure a high, uniform and effective level of maritime safety, maritime security, prevention of, and response to, pollution caused by ships as well as response to marine pollution caused by oil and gas installations.” In part this is achieved through supporting relevant authorities in their tasks by increasing maritime domain awareness, and making activities at sea more traceable and more visible.

EMSA has the capacity to process a wide range of maritime information according to unique user-driven operational requirements. The Integrated Maritime Services offered by EMSA build a common picture of activities across the maritime domain based on advanced data processing. Data sources include, amongst others, several ship reporting systems, synthetic aperture radar, and optical satellites. By combining information on vessels and vessel movements (e.g. identification, position, route, and track information), with satellite images of sea areas and with intelligence provided by users, the aggregated information becomes more powerful than the sum of the parts. EMSA works directly with the national authorities of EU and EFTA Member States as well as other EU bodies and Agencies, to ensure their maritime monitoring needs are met.

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